Little Numbers - Boy

When We’re Fire - Lo-Fang

Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name

I didn’t know I was lonely ‘til I saw your face 
I wanna get better, better, better, better, 
I wanna get better
I didn’t know I was broken ‘til I wanted to change I wanna get better, better, better, better,
I wanna get better 

I’ve seen everything pass through this town
All of the new
The luckiest kids wearing the crown
Don’t have a clue

Is It Too Much - Ra Ra Riot

Love this song.

Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new

If I go to Gloucester you know I will
wait there for you

So serious.

So what are you? What are you, what are you so afraid of?
Darling you, you give but you cannot take love

Breathe through me
Fill up your lungs with us

feel so homesick
Where’s my home
Where I belong
Where I was born

Wanna know what it sound like when I’m not on drugs
Please, please don’t play this song

R-r-r-r-right, r-right, r-right-right-right
Tryin to get my mind, my mind, my mind right right

I keep tellin’ myself that it’ll be fine
You can’t make everybody happy all of the time

I found myself in a place that I never been

A place that I thought that I could never be

Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up
And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up
And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough